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AMPHORA Wood Fired Garden Ovens

Prepare yourself juicy steak, delicious italian pizza, crunchy bread, fluffy cake and much more. Traditional cooking next to a roaring fire - authentic beauty and a wonderful gastronomic experience.

The "half amphora" shaped oven - Technological development led Amphora to lower the ceiling, allowing the heat tos distribute equally through the whole oven.

Distinguishable difference - The castable refractory shapes of these ovens determine their resilience and above all heat accumulation qualities. Thanks to the construction and the use of refractory concrete, the oven will get quickly to the cooking temperature and will maintain it all day long with just a few logs of wood.

The mark of quality - Amphora have been manufacturing wood fired ovens for more than 20 years and offer a confident 4-year warranty on all products.


Amphora Basic Wood Fired Garden Ovens

Amphora Basic >

Wood fired garden oven
price £1250 OFFER £1125

Amphora Plus Wood Fired Garden Ovens

Amphora Plus >

Wood fired garden oven
price £1999 OFFER £1799

Amphora Ready Wood Fired Garden Ovens

Amphora Ready >

Wood fired garden oven
price £2350 OFFER £2115

Amphora Ready with Wheels Wood Fired Garden Oven

Amphora Ready
with Wheels >

Wood fired garden oven
price £2499 OFFER £2249

Discover the taste of wood fired cooking


What can I cook in the oven?
In our wood-fired oven you can bake anything what a typical electric oven can do. The difference is that you can heat it up to very high temperatures, so you can prepare for example a true italian pizza. You can also grill anything that you could do on your garden grill. But thanks to a heat radiating from all sides, meat closes very quickly and won't let any juices out. The oven stays hot for hours after the fire extinguishes. You can use that to dry some fruit or herbs.

What kind of wood shall i use?
Use hard and dry wood, it doesn't produce much smoke or ash. If the wood is wet, firing the oven will take much longer. In that case we recommend to place the next logs before stoking inside the oven next to the fire, where it dries.

How big is the oven?
It's big enough for you to comfortably cook any home made meals. The inner space is 100 liters. You can find the exact dimensions in the section Technical info.

How do I know, what's the temperature inside?
With the variants Amphora Plus and Amphora Ready you will automatically receive a thermometer with a bottom stem you will stick into the prepared hole in the corpus. If you decide to buy Amphora Basic that you'll build in, we recommend to buy a thermometer with a capillary. A simplier option is a free-standing thermometer you can place directly into the oven. We don't offer any door with a thermometer, because this way of measuring shows highly distorted values.

Can I use the oven during a winter or when it's raining?
You can use the oven anytime. But if the oven is wet inside (because of snow, rain or high humidity) we don't recommend to fire it. If you although decide to light a fire, please do so very slowly with just small pieces of wood, so that the oven completely dries before getting very hot.

Can I use any fire-starter?
Don't use fire-starters containig kerosene or other substances that could soak into the oven floor and later influence the taste of your meals. Never use liquid fire-starters.

How do I know the oven is hot enough?
When lighting the fire, wood releases soot that colour the oven walls black. When the oven gets to the right temperature, soot will burn and you can start cooking. Find more in the section Firing the oven.

What temperature is suitable for baking different meals?
We've set these optimal temperatures after a lot of testing, but you have to try and find by yourself:
Drying herbs, fruit and mushrooms - 50-60°C
Bread - 160-190°C
Meat - 200-250°C
Pizza - 280-300°C.

Do you have any other recommendation regarding the baking?

Yes. See Tips & Tricksbelow where you'll find a lot of useful recommendations not just for baking, but also about controling the temperature and the oven itself.

Use solely hard and dry wood.

During the process of firing the oven accumulates the heat. If you've used the oven the day before you'll be ready to cook much faster.

Start fire
Build a pyramid from smaller pieces of wood in the front part of the oven, in the way that you'll have enough space between the pieces for air to flow. For setting the fire you can use a paper or a solid firelighter. Never use a liquid firelighter as it could soak into the oven floor. Don't close the door completely, the fire needs a sufficient air supply during this phase.

Amhora Wood Fired Oven

As soon as the fire gets bigger add one or two bigger logs. Again wait for it to catch fire. Afterwards push the burning wood back, stoke the fire if necessary. In this moment you should see flames reaching the top of the oven.

Push the fire to the back of the oven
While starting the fire the walls of the oven get black of soot. When you reach the right temperature, the soot burns and the oven is ready to cook. The temperature can be regulated by the door or by working with the fire. 

The process of baking and heat control is quite complex, there's no simple and brief manual. As a first step we recommend to fire the oven and test how it behaves before any baking. But you can stick to the following tips:

With wet wood firing the ovens takes much longer and produces much more smoke. You can use the remaining heat after baking for drying the logs for the next time.

If there's a fire in the oven, let the door open at least a little bit and make sure the dumper is open, the fire needs an air supply. Otherwise the fire goes out and a lot of smoke will be produced.

But if there's a strong wind outside don't have the door fully open, just leave a small gap. Otherwise the wind makes the wood burn quickly and deforms a natural air flow in the oven.

After the oven gets hot enought, you can leave the fire inside or take it out (the second option suits more a bread baking, on the other hand you can make a meat on surface gold and crispy only with the fire inside and for a pizza the fire is necessary). But if the temperature gets too low and there's no fire, you need to stop baking and set the fire again.

If there's a fire, the temperature inside is about 10 - 20 % higher than the temperature in the refractory shapes measured by a thermometer with a bottom stem. During firing the oven the temperature may vary much more, before the refractory shapes receive enought heat. Without the fire, the temperature inside is about 10 - 20 % lower. You can use the thermometer into the oven to measure the exact temperature inside.

The high quality refractory material has great accumulation qualities. Therefore if it gets too hot, you will have to wait long before it cools down a little bit.

Without a fire inside, fully open the door and the damper to make the temperature decrease faster. Close them both to keep the heat inside.

Stoke big logs on fire or use smaller pieces of wood to create a fire before, otherwise it may produce a lot of smoke.

If there's a fire or hot coals in the oven, the food inside tends to bake faster on the side from the heat source. Therefore it's better to regularly control and turn the food.

We recommend to put an aluminium foil on the bottom of the tray supplied with our grate - it will save you a lot of cleaning.

The handle supplied with the grate and tray is intended for moving it on a surface, not for carrying the tray.

If you bake a pizza or a bread, you should have enough flour under it so it doesn't stick to the oven bottom (don't sprinkle flour directly into the oven as it may burn, you can put flour for example on a shovel). You can also place it in the oven on an aluminium foil, better don't use a baking paper as it may catch a fire. Place a pizza directly to the fire, a bread on the contrary far from the fire.

We don't recommend to bake very fatty meat on a grate (use a baking tray for that purpose). Also there shouldn't be an excessive amount of oil on the meat.

Recommended baking temperatures:
Herbs, fruit and mushrooms drying - 50-60°C
Bread - 160-190°C
Meat - 200-250°C
Pizza - 280-300°C

There's no need for using any detergents, high temperature kills all the microorganisms.

We recommend to sweep ash out after every use. But always wait for the oven to calm before doing so.

Take the ash out of the oven with a rake and dump into a metal container. You can use it later as a fertilizer for your garden. Then use the brush to sweep the remaining ash out.

That's it! So simple.

Amphora wood fired ovens for juicy steak, delicious italian pizza, crunchy bread, fluffy cake and much more

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