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Borniak Smokehouses - Smoking is easier than you think

We are inviting you to join us for an exciting adventure to become an expert in home-made smoked delicacies. Whether you are a smoked meat gourmet, a hunter, or an angler, smoking is a great way to spend your free time and enjoy the unique taste of exquisite food.

We offer smoking appliances including the Smoker UW-70 Small Expert and Smoker UW-150 Large Expert plus all relevant accessories at a good price, and, what is more, we help you embark on an adventure, and let you experience the joy of creating unique flavour compositions.



Borniak UW-70 Smoker

Smoker UW-70 >

Smoking Unit
from £495

Borniak Smokehouse UW-150

Smoker UW-150 >

Smoking Unit
from £695

  • String used in Smokehouses
  • Borniak Smokehouses sold in Yorkshire and the UK
  • Borniak Smokehouse Hooks

Borniak GD-01 Smoke GeneratorThe most important feature of a well operating smoke generator is its smooth running which results in steady combustion of conveyed chips. The final effect of such work is a product rich in flavour, with smoke scented aroma, and a pleasant colour. All listed above features of a ready made smoked meat owe it to the use of the smoke generator GD-01. Its spacious hopper and properly chosen wood chips make it possible to produce clean, free of impurities smoke, for even 7-8 hours without adding more wood chips. Installing a cold smoke adapter, on the
other hand, will extend the smoker’s already wide range of possibilities. This model designed specially for Borniak brand, can also be used with other smokers if fitted with the right attachment. The cost of one hour of smoking is not high, it ranges between 0,08-0,10 EUR.

Borniak Cold Smoke Adaptor ZW-01Applying too high temperature may have an adverse effect on the smoked meat, and this is when a cold smoke adapter ZW-01 will come in handy.

With right weather conditions, this appliance, if correctly set, will allow you to achieve the optimal smoking temperature. The only thing you have to remember about is supplying it with wood chips, and it will pay you back with delicious, aromatic smoked meat.

Borniak Smokehouse Wood ChipsIt is often said: „You are what you eat”. When talking about wood chips, we may paraphrase it into: „You eat - what permeated the food while smoking it”. Using wood chips coming from a reliable source has several advantages. First of all, you can be sure that what you burn is completely natural, free of any chemicals, dust, and other impurities. What’s more, using wood chips coming from different kinds of trees, as well as combining them in different proportions, makes it possible to achieve products of a unique character. We recommend the most popular wood chips, that is wood chips coming from a birch and alder tree. Either of them will find favour with different groups of meat smokers, but we do recommend both of them sincerely.

The smoke from the wood chips permeates the meat, giving it a taste, colour and flavour characteristic of the kind of wood used in the process. If you decide to use alder chips you will enjoy a characteristic, lasting, reddish hue of the smoked product. We guarantee high quality of the wood chips we sell, free of any impurities, and with the right granulation. For those who are more interested in the smell of the smoked products, we are offering birch wood chips. The aroma of the birch wood spreading around while smoking this type of wood is simply incredible. Additionally, this wood will give the meat a unique golden colour. We guarantee high quality of the wood chips we sell, free of impurities and with the right granulation.

£4.50 per 2 litre bag

Alder wood chips: produce dark gold to brown colour.
Beech wood chips: produce a clear, golden colour.
Oak wood chips: produce brown colour and leave a note of bitterness and caramel.
Birch wood chips: produce a golden colour and a delicate flavour.

Borniak Air Dryer OW-01All of us know how important it is to dry the meat. It can be done in our electric smoker. Thanks to the air dryer installed in the place of the smoke generator we can dry our products quickly, easily, and thoroughly.

This little device will ease your mind from worrying about finding an airy, and free of flies place to dry your products.

Smoker Probe Thermometers for Borniak SmokehousesThis little device will help you to monitor the cooking conditions while preparing your delicious food. The probe wire made of stainless steel allows precise reading, 0.1 degree error, of the internal temperature of the product.

The best way to place the thermometer is to place it inside is through the smoke outlet of the smoker unit.

Borniak Smoker HooksSmoker hooks will be mostly used by the lovers of smoked fish, but they can also be used to prepare other types of meat. We offer hooks that will satisfy everyone.

Screw in Hooks, Double Hooks, S-Hooks, S-Hooks Asymmetric, Hooks Type 20, Hooks Type 21, Hooks Type 25.

Racks for the range of borniak smokers
A professional rack made of stainless wire. Can be used for smoking fish, sausage, or cheese without the risk of falling down, or slipping off the hook.

Shelves for smoking unit SW-70 Dimensions: 390x280 mm
Shelves for smoking unit SW-150 Dimensions: 400x 480 mm

Borniak Smokehouses CoversCover for smokehouse Borniak. It allows you secure your smokehouse from the adverse effects of the weather, scratches and dust.

The product is made of high quality, waterproof, durable, black material with on the center of the white company logo Borniak.

The advantage of the ribbing is located on the bottom at the base of the smokehouse, so that case does not stain from the ground, not moving, and is ideally suited to the smokehouse .

Use the air vent on the side of the cover, you can be sure that there would be air circulation, and at the same time the water does not get inside.

Smokehouse Netting

It is recommended to use netting because of how easy it is to remove it from a ready product. Netting of this type is used for packing many types of products: raw, boiled, smoked, roasted, as well as for packing cheese. Sizes: S,M,L,XL.

String for Smokehouses - smoking food

String is used for tying ham or sausages manually. It is an excellent solution for those who appreciate a traditional look of ham. Kitchen twine will make preparing meat for smoking much easier. The twine is 100% natural. Sizes: 0,1 kg, 0,25 kg, 0,5 kg.

Meat Injection Needles for Smokehouses
Needles for meat injections

Injection needle size - 2.5 mm, length - 120 mm, six holes in the sides to distribute the brine evenly. Luer type ending fits most syringes, also the ones we sell in our shop. Ideal for ham injecting. Our offer includes open tip and sharp tip needles for brine distribution. An open tip needle is bestfor bone-in ham injections, and the open tip one for injections in the meat muscle.

FamaG Grilletta Dough Mixers sold in the UK by Creative Outdoor Living


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