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Wood fired barbecues from Fontana Forni

Fontana Forni Egeo wood fired barbecue from Creative Outdoor Living

Specifications: Egeo Barbecue

External Dims:
80= P 70 x L 155 x H 108 cm
110= P 70 x L 178 x H 108 cm

Cooking room Dims :
80 = P 40 x L 72 cm
110 = P 40 x L 94 cm

Weight: 80 = 90kg / 110 = 108kg

Fuel: Wood

Price: 80 = £1050 / 110 = £1270

Egeo Wood Barbecue from Fontana Forni

Open grill with super-reinforced brazier and coating in refractory stone. Available in two models with 80x40 cm and 110x40 cm cooking surface. The structure is in steel and stainless steel with two practical folding worktops and a 4 wheel trolley for a wide portability.

The brazier coated in refractory stone allows the caloric power of the embers to be prolonged -with a considerable saving in terms of wood consumption. The cooking grids in stainless steel are easier to clean and the practical system with dripping-pan to gather cooking fats helps to avoid unpleasant flames generated from fat falling on hot coals. The division of the grid into two allows to prepare a grillade for a limited number of guests without having to use and mess the whole barbecue. Moreover, this solution makes it possible to cook simultaneously foods that have different temperatures and cooking times, allowing to serve these foods at the same time. Fontana barbecue has a great portability, thanks to the trolley with 4 wheels, 2 of which pivoting.

The double lateral support is designed to be folded after use; so it takes less space when we have to store it.

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