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French Bakery Ovens from Le Panyol

PROFESSIONAL: Le Panyol offers a range of White Earth hearths for bakers, artisans or restauranteurs who wish to revive tradition and benefit from high-performance equipment.

RESIDENTIAL: By the simple principal of miniaturising the models, White Earth, previously only for professional use, in now avaialable to a large number of amateurs. Because of their simple design and operation, Le Panyol ovens meet the expectations of a public sensitive to natural values, the quality of its environment and its food.

A range of refactory fired-clay cooking ovens, miniature versions of bakers' ovens, adapted for home use. Your Le Panyol is a real “professional”. With exactly the same features as Le Panyol ovens made for professionals, your wood oven is unique.
• Rapid rise in temperature (reaches 400°C/752˚F in 1 hour)
• Sustained baking capability of over 6 hours
• Perfect combustion
• Low fuel consumption (4 - 5 kg/9-11 lbs of wood is enough to reach a temperature of 400°C/752˚F)
• Health tested and certified “Food Safe” (certified Category 3*** by European directive n°84-500)

Le Panyol Model 66 Oven

Model 66

Wood fired oven
price £1780

Le Panyol Model 66 x 99 Oven

Model 66 x 99

Wood fired oven
price £2050

Le Panyol Model 83 Oven

Model 83

Wood fired oven
price £2200

Le Panyol Model 100 Oven

Model 100

Wood fired oven
price £3150

Le Panyol Model 120 Oven

Model 120

Wood fired oven
price £5300

Le Panyol Model 180 Professional Oven

Model 180

Professional Oven
price on application

Le Panyol Model 250 Professional Oven

Model 250

Professional Oven
price on application

Every wood fired oven is delivered with
• a bag of refractory mortar
• assembly instructions with pictures
• an insulated door
• a stainless steel oven peel
• a smoke throat & gather hood are also included as our special offer

Easy assembly
The family models (66, 66x99, 83, 100 & 120), specially designed for home use, can be assembled by anyone. For example, you can assemble a model 66 core kit in less than 2 hours thanks to a simple system consisting of archstones and a keystone (assembly time does not include construction of the foundation, veneer or chimney).

A Le Panyol oven will last for generations. Fore more information please visit their website, click here:



Accessories for Le Panyol French Bakery Ovens

We offer a wide range of products to clad and personalize the assembly of your oven. To make sure you get the most out of your oven, we also offer a complete range of finest quality essential accessories for daily use.

If you do not see the exact product that you require, please email or phone us on 01709 794766

At Creative Outdoor Living we also stock a range of accessories for Le Panyol Ovens, please contact us to check availability, most items not in stock can be delivered within 3 weeks.

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